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We can make the difference thanks to our technology, with which we actively overcome problems of dispersibility, stability, processability and taste of nutraceutical ingredients. That’s why our Company is called A(ctive) SOL(ubilization) TECH(nology)

- CEO, Elena Mencini, PhD


Our customers are healthcare product manufacturers, traders and distributors based throughout Europe who are constantly looking for the highest quality branded nutrients to ensure the satisfaction of their consumers.


The Asoltech team is mainly made up of technicians, graduates in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, with solid experience gained in the research and development sector.


The selection of our suppliers, entrusted to our commercial department, is based on stringent quality control protocols, which also include on-site verification of production processes, general skills and quality standards.


Asoltech vision for the nutraceutical sector

The significant growth in the demand for nutraceutical products (understood in their broadest sense) derives from the increasing attention paid by consumers to the issues of psycho-physical well-being and good nutrition.
Asoltech response to the new health demand allows it to offer more performing INGREDIENTS, responding to the increasingly high attention and individual responsibility in protecting health.

Asoltech mission for the Nutraceutical sector

Our Ingredients can help ensure an adequate physiological level of nutrients through dietary supplementation.
Our expertise in solving ingredient problems is not only applied to in-house R&D and manufacturing but is also made available to resolve customer needs.
Asoltech mission is to act not only as a supplier of products and services, but as a real partner with whom the customer can share perspectives and projects.

We believe and contribute to the  growth of the nutraceutical sector and to keep consumers healthier for longer


Year of foundation of Asoltech


Numbers of Asoltech branded ingredients


We make ingredients more water dispersible, stable, with better taste and processability and also offer our skills to find solutions for our customers


We intervene efficiently on dispersibility, taste, stability and processability


We react rapidly to our customer requests studying tailor-made solutions and are as well flexible as far as orders amount are concerned


Strengthened by experience in nutraceutical sector, we invest in training and in the evolution of Asoltech Technology

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