EGIPRO: Ecofriendly Grinding Industrial PROcess


Asoltech technology is a process that does not use solvents, therefore there are no residues of chemical solvents in the ingredients and there are no recovery and disposal problems.


The technology consists in grinding a mixture of food ingredients, a known process which does not introduce chemical modifications but improves the technological properties.

Industrial PROcess

EGIPRO is a widely validated process on an industrial scale. We operate from a few hundred grams in the research phase, to a few kilos in the development phase and up to hundreds of kilos in the industrial phase.

Find out how we improve the ingredients


The technology that generates our branded ingredients and can also improve your ingredients is called EGIPRO – Ecofriendly Grinding Industrial PROcess and it derives from the grinding method traditionally used in the food industry since our ancestors .

How does it work?  It reduces particle size, increases surface area, creates a more organized mixture where -for instance- hydrophilic components “show their face“ to water thus improving dispersibility. Moreover, the use of suitable additives and excipients allows the components of the mixture to physically interact in a homogeneous way.

EGIPRO improves ingredients

More dispersible

The ingredients disperse in water thanks to the combination of substances/additives with a technological function that improve their performance.

Improved Processability

Ingredient’s processability influences productive yield. A carefully chosen combination of components results in more easily processable powders, especially in case of waxy or low melting ingredients, thus  making easier the production process.

Better taste

A nice taste masking effect is obtained thanks to the combination of substances that improve the organoleptic characteristics.

More stable

Selected components coground with unstable native ingredient give origin to a more stable powder.  ASOL-NAC is an example of how Asoltech technology helps to improve the stability of a rather unstable ingredient like N-Acetylcisteine.


In our Research Labs ingredients are studied and characterized, then mixed with selected substances chosen according to the target and processed with EGIPRO Technology.

Once, according to our Analytical Labs, a satisfactory result is obtained, the optimized ingredient is scaled up and carefully controlled by our QC Lab in order to release specifications for a correct industrialization step.



We have more than 20 years of experience in the field, with a high success rate and many satisfied customers.


Our Team is highly specialized, we react quickly to customer requests and we have flexible approaches in both R&D and industrial process.


Our technology guarantees an eco-friendly approach to obtain innovative ingredients, since it does not use solvents, it requires short process time and it is carried out at low temperatures.


Our experience and skills are made available also to solve problems on ingredients proposed by Customers.

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