Hydrorutin – nutricosmetic ingredient – is the technological solution to make bioavailable rutin, a bioflavonoid extracted from sophora japonica, effective in regulating permeability of capillaries


compact Powder, Primer, Foundation


Toners, Gels, Fluid emulsion, Masks, Micellar Make-up, Remover Solutions


Body creams, Fluid body emulsions


Lotions, Balms, Emulsions for scalp

Hydrorutin nutricosmetic ingredient:beauty from within

Hydrorutin is a nutricosmetic, water dispersible ingredient suitable to actuate:

  • a topical treatment by an innovative MASK based on Alginic Acids for the skin reset; clinical studies have shown the efficacy for the treatment of sensitive and reactive facial slin with a tendency to redness
  • nutritional integration with a food supplement formulated to assure the synergistic effect between HYDRORUTIN’s antioxidant and capillary-protective activity and:
    • hepatic detoxication by Sylibum marianum
    • prevention from UV rays by organic selenium
    • normal metabolism of Vitamin A by Zinc

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