The new patented CoQ10 with improved physical characteristics and increased water dispersibility can guarantee food supplementation while maintaining adequate levels of CoQ10.

Native Ingredient

Literature reports that Coenzyme Q10 has a primary role in mitochondrial bioenergetics, and a central role in ATP production.

Asoltech Ingredient

Q-Ter® is the result of Asoltech technology applied to Coenzyme Q10, which makes it more water-dispersible

Ingredient's type

Q-Ter® is a high-performance, water-dispersible Coenzyme Q10 obtained with an ecofriendly grinding method

Dosage Forms

Liquid forms, tablets, capsules, stickpacks, orodispersible sachets

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According to literature Q-Ter® intake may lead to the following benefits:

Improvement of endothelial & mitochondria! function; reducement of mortality and incidence of hospital stays in patients with heart failure (Q-SYMB10)*

Better sperm quality as count, motility, morphology, density; improves mitochondria oocyte functionality, increases number and quality of oocytes & embryo development stages.

Neuroprotective effects against oxidative stress-induced damage & mitochondrial respiratory chain dysfunction

Protection from rhabdomyolysis in association with statin treatment

Improves aerobic capacity in terms of maximal oxigen consumption and fatigue sensation

Improves skin structure and mimic wrinkles, periorbital wrinkles, poor skin tone, visual dryness, skin smoothless

Prevent oxidative stress, counteract microglia cell activation, maintain mitichondrial functionality: is a key molecule

Protection against side effects of anticancer therapy

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